History of Humans is the history which we are creating without the end. It may be treated as a fictional pseudo-history, as well as a playing in narration. Only our imagination limits us in ways how we will create fictional, more or less probable events from the history, present and future. In this moment number of stories is 18.

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Play and narration

If you ever started to write about some fictional event and if you think that you may incorporate your visions into some distant or near world; if you want to participate into changing and creating events which may make serious influences onto fictional historic scratches; if you want to write songs and stories, legends and myths of distant worlds (which you may create, too); if you want to draw on the cave walls or make your artist work in plasma; if you want to create ordinary or not so ordinary music; if you want to present social relations of unknown communities; if you want to dream about miracles which people maybe was able to make in the past or will be able to make in the future -- you are welcome!


Play and History of Humans




Time and space



Time and space


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