Heath course describes particular history of three human generation groups through more then 30,000 years of their history.

All groups was firstly so called emigration armies, military-emigrant groups which had been made on the Free Earth. The main goal of those groups was escaping from extermination of humans in the war against CR System. At the time of leaving Free Earth people often didn't know well each other. All of those groups had been made by people from different worlds.

During three hundred years of living on the first three planets they made their cultures, during three hundred relativistic years in the travel to distant space they made nations; in the next three thousands of years groups developed anthropological differences which was merged in the next 20.000 years of common life.

This course may be divided into seven parts: (1) Time of emigrants; (2) Time of settling; (3) Time of escaping; (4) Time of separation; (5) Time of common life; (6) Time of making prerequisites; and (7) Time of Shelter colonization.

Time of emigrantsEdit

Time of emigrants of the Heath course describes training and preparing for emigration on the Free Earth. From the time of the start of their training to their emigration, significant changes happened:

  1. Firstly, they had been prepared for emigration.
  2. Emigration had been reduced and it was questionable who would go into emigration and who would go into war against CR System.
  3. At the end, all three armies had been composed from much bigger number of emigrant armies. The rest of the real emigrant armies were less capable for war against CR System.

Time of settlingEdit

Time of settling of the Heath course


Time of escapingEdit

Time of escaping of the Heath course


Time of separationEdit

Time of separation of the Heath course


Time of common lifeEdit

Time of common life of the Heath course


Time of making prerequisitesEdit

Time of making prerequisites of the Heath course


Time of Shelter colonizationEdit

Time of Shelter colonization of the Heath course


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